The School Mindfulness Project

Our Mission

By providing sustainable mindfulness education to staff and students on a school-wide basis in Philadelphia Schools, The School Mindfulness Project aspires to improve the physical, emotional and academic wellbeing of our school and neighborhood communities. Compassionate communities do not have to be a vision of the future. We can create them today.

The School Mindfulness Project is in the process of applying for 501(c)(3) status. If you would like to support our initiative, donations can be made directly to the non-profit community partner organizations of the schools in which we are scheduled to begin working.

 Your Contributions Will Provide The Following:

What You Can Expect

For Students

Improved self-regulation

Improved ability to focus

Improved memory retention

Improved ability to learn

Improved self-awareness

Improved emotional and physical  and academic wellbeing

For Staff

Ease of classroom management

Reduced job stress

A peaceful teaching and learning environment

Improved communication with students

Greater job satisfaction

The many joys that accompany cultivating a mindful classroom

For Your School Community

The cultivation of a more compassionate community.

Greater Academic Success

Sustained emotional, physical and academic wellbeing 

Training Format and Education

Your school staff receives twenty-one hours of training, education and applied practice while students enjoy twelve mindfulness and mindful movement classes with our Yoga Child staff. As we conclude our program with your students, and transition to a neighboring school, your staff are equipped with the necessary tools, knowledge and skills to assume their role as mindfulness educators and to integrate mindfulness education into the classroom setting with daily lessons from our curriculum.

Staff training takes place in three modules. The first is a six-hour preparatory module, the second is nine-hour education module and the third is a six-hour, practical model designed to coincide with the 12 mindfulness classes that we teach to your students.

Course materials are available through a downloadable link and ACT 48 professional development hours are available to your staff. Module I and II of staff training are designed to take place during in service days, but can be scheduled for after school hours when preferable.

Unique Features of The School Mindfulness Project

  • The School Mindfulness Project enables classroom mindfulness to be selfsustaining, allowing teachers and students to continue to enjoy the benefits of the practice and curriculum post-training.
  • Classes are live and held in person.
  • Classes for students are held in the classroom, with students seated at their desks.
  • Classes, training and support for staff are held on-site, in your school. 
  • A School Mindfulness Project staff member is present to support your  staff as they begin to implement what they have learned.
  • Weekly “on-the mat” Yoga Child classes are available to participating schools at a discounted rate. 
  • Additional on-site support is available post training at an hourly rate.
  • Our program was developed by Gail Silver J.D, E-RYT, Yoga Child founder, registered children’s yoga teacher, and award winning mindfulness author for children. Formerly a child advocate attorney, Gail has a combined twenty one years of experience as an advocate and mindfulness educator for children.
  • Our staff are personally trained by Gail Silver and are also certified Yoga Child yoga and mindfulness instructors and registered Yoga Alliance Instructors. Many of our staff members also have secondary degrees in education and psychology.


A Glimpse At The Future

As The School Mindfulness Project reaches new neighborhoods and communities it leaves Schoolhousebehind schools, staff and students engaged in the practice of mindfulness and mindful learning, together with the option of retaining an on-site Yoga Child teacher for its community.  

Support and Funding


Until such time as The Mindful School Project seeks or acquires non-profit status, it will operate as part of Yoga Child, Inc., and will depend upon support and funding from a variety of sources including, its own fundraising efforts, government entities, and private donations.

If you would like to implement The School Mindfulness Project in your school or obtain more information, please complete and submit the contact form found at the top of this page.