In-School Yoga & Mindfulness Classes

Classes For Pre-School Through Grade 12

The benefits that come with a weekly yoga and mindfulness class are numerous and are often apparent within a few weeks of beginning our program. As yoga and mindfulness educators we relish the shifts and transformations that so readily surface in the yoga classroom. Among our favorites are the improved physical and emotional strength and balance that students discover through yoga, the improved ability to focus their attention, and the newfound ability to self-regulate their behavior through their breath.

Yoga Child offers three simple ways to bring our programs to your school. Explore them below, or learn more about all that makes our Registered Yoga Alliance program so successful by reading our Facts and FAQ’s.

  • Yoga, Mindfulness and The Mat classes
  • Desk and Chair Mindful-Movement classes
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Class in Action

What Students and Teachers Are Saying

Yoga Child
"Our preschool children love their weekly Yoga Child class. It's imaginative, expressive, and, most of all, fun!"

Yoga, Mindfulness and The Mat Classes

IMG_8124 - Version 3Our signature “on-the mat” yoga and mindfulness class, offered in area schools since 2002, is a consistent crowd pleaser among teachers, students and school organizations. The curriculum, drawn from the basic tenets of yoga and mindfulness, employs a thematic approach that is sure to engage. Filled with inspiring poses and easy-to- learn and easy-to-recall mindfulness activities for students and teachers, this class offers all participants the opportunity for improved physical and emotional wellbeing. A certified Yoga Child staff member will come to your school and teach your students a developmentally appropriate Yoga Child class which includes:

  • Fundamental yoga postures for strength and stability
  • Yoga based games for non-competitive fun
  • Relaxation methods for restoring natural energy
  • Signature Magical Meditations as heard on our Parents Choice Recommended music compilation.
  • Mindfulness & breathing practice for improved focus and attention
  • Yoga literature, yoga journaling, music & songs for self-expression
  • Lessons for taking mindfulness off the mat and into our everyday lives
  • Mindfulness practices as illuminated in the award-winning Anh’s Anger children’s book trilogy.


Preschoolers will enjoy fanciful yoga themes inspired by seasons and imaginary travels. A typical yoga class will begin with a yoga game, followed by magical meditations, a yoga journey employing asana instruction, a yoga based story or song, a quiet game, a lesson in mindfulness, a guided rest and time for sharing.

Class length: 30 minutes

Class Size: 10-12 students per class

Minimum contract time: One hour per week at one location for the duration of a thirty-six week school year.

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Elementary students will enjoy the same great education-based curriculum as younger students, but can begin to appreciate a deeper exploration of mindfulness and meditation, a broader spectrum of yoga poses, and more creativity with yoga journaling. As students move through their elementary years and develop greater strength and balance, so too will they begin to explore more introspective themes.

Class Length: one hour

Minimum Contract Time: One hour per week for the thirty-six week school year.

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Middle and high school students are able to learn practical life skills through the use of introspective yoga and mindfulness themes. Students will discover what it means to establish balance on and off the mat, create strength, build endurance, to cultivate empathy and compassion towards themselves and others. They will come to understand firsthand the relationship between stress and attention as their ability to focus improves and their stress levels decline. Class begins with an interactive discussion of the day’s theme followed by breathing and mindfulness techniques, asana instruction, guided rest, and literature or journaling.

Class Length: one hour

Minimum Contract Time: One hour per week for the thirty-six week school year.

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Mindful Movement Classes

IMG_4561Drawn from Yoga Child’s award-winning yoga and mindfulness curriculum, and providing many of the same great benefits as our on-the mat classes, this program is ideal for schools that do not have space for a traditional yoga class or for those schools seeking a greater emphasis on mindfulness. Fifty percent yoga and fifty percent experiential and educational mindfulness, this desk and chair yoga and mindfulness class provides the perfect opportunity for students to refresh and recharge in the very spot where they do their learning, helping them to de-stress and to refocus for whatever lies ahead.

Class Length: 30 minutes

Cost: $70 per class

Minimum Contract Time: One hour per week for the thirty-six week school year

Preschool & Pre-K Rates

Classes are 30 minutes in length and rates are based upon our instructor teaching two separate classes to two separate groups of children during a one hour time period or teaching one class during a 45 minute period.

Two Classes per week – $140 per week/$70 per class

This rate is for two thirty minute classes per week held in the same hour, ie.,10-10:30am & 10:30-11am. Alternatively, you may elect to have one forty five minute class. The breakdown rate is $70 per class.

Four Classes per week – $240 per week/ $60 per class
This rate is for four thirty minute classes per week. Classes may be held all in one day for two hours or on two separate days of the week for one hour each day, ie., Tuesday and Thursday from 10-11am or Mondays from 9-11am. The breakdown rate is $60 per class.

Six classes per week hours per week – $330 per week /$55 per class
This rate is for 6 thirty minute classes per week. Classes may be held on one day of the week or divided over two or three days. The breakdown rate is $55 per class.

Terms & Payment

Payment plans and installment plans can be provided.

Grades K-12

Classes are 60 minutes in length, but can be reduced to 50 upon school request

One hour per week: $95/hr ($2,850 for a 30 week term)

Two hours per week: $90/hr ($5,400 for a 30 week term)

Three hours per week: $80/hr ($7,200 for a 30 week term)

Four or more hours per week: $75/hr ($9,000 for a 30 week term)

Terms & Payment

Payment plans and installment plans can be provided.