School-Based Training For Your Staff

We believe that the best yoga and mindfulness teachers are also practitioners who come to know the benefits and joys of the practice firsthand.

With this in mind our training programs educate your staff in the areas of yoga and mindfulness, enabling your teachers to experience, appreciate and understand the practice and its benefits before learning how to relay our engaging and award-winning curricula to your students.

Each of our school-based training programs will provide your staff with sustainable teaching tools for easily integrating yoga and mindfulness into daily classroom life.

Trainings and modules are taught during in-service days, after school hours and at select conferences. Please contact us for more information or to schedule a school-based training program or mindfulness module for your staff.

Each of our education based training programs has been developed by Yoga Child Founder and award-winning children’s book author, Gail Silver.

The Mindful Teacher Training

The Yoga Child Training

Modules of Mindfulness

A Comprehensive Mindfulness and Mindful Movement Training 

For K-12 educators.

Yoga Child’s Mindful Teacher Training enables your entire staff to experience the benefits of mindfulness, before equipping each staff member with the tools, lessons, and necessary knowledge to teach mindfulness and mindful movements to their K-12 students. At the conclusion of the training, teachers will be mindfulness practitioners and able to integrate skillfully, five, ten, or fifteen-minute mindfulness lessons and practices into the school day as needed.

This training program is based on our PEP model, which PREPARES your staff through experiential learning of mindfulness and deep relaxation, EQUIPS them with the skills and knowledge to engage children through mindfulness, and through role playing and in-class observation, allows them to PRACTICE their new teaching skills while working under the guidance and supervision of a Yoga Child educator.

21 hours

Includes a downloadable link to two Yoga Child Workbooks:

  • Mindful Minutes For Teachers and Practitioners, and
  • Cultivating The Mindful Classroom

At the conclusion of this training teachers, will be fully prepared to teach mindful breathing and mindful movements, drawing upon mindfulness techniques to manage classroom behavior, improve self-regulation, student attention, and to cultivate compassion within the classroom community.

Teaching Yoga and Mindfulness To Your Early Childhood students

For Pre-school through Grade 5 Educators

During these twenty-one hours of in-class instruction with Yoga Child’s lead RCYT’s and E-RYT’s, your staff will acquire an in depth understanding of how to teach yoga and mindfulness to children. We’ll draw from the Yoga Child Teacher Training manual, our Parents Choice Recommended musical compilation of magical meditations, and the award winning Anh’s Anger children book trilogy.

21 hrs for Pre-School Staff Training

33 hrs for K-5 Staff Training

Includes a downloadable link to The Yoga Child Teacher Training Manual

At the conclusion of the training program your staff will be able to use the Yoga Child curriculum to confidently and skillfully teach thematic yoga and mindfulness classes that are safe, fun and developmentally tailored for specific age groups within the range of ages three to ten.

Select one at a time or any combination of modules to suit your staff and school needs. Each module comes with a downloadable link to its own set of workbook materials drawn from our Mindful Teacher Training.

ACT 48 Professional Development Hours and CEUS

ACT 48 professional development hours are available for all of our training programs and modules for teachers in Pennsylvania. Pursuant to ACT 48 , educators can earn ACT 48 professional development hours from attending Yoga Child’s programming so long as your school recognizes our activities as consistent with the goals and objectives of its own professional education programs. If you are attending a conference off of your school site, please check with your school regarding approval.

CEUS are pending for occupational therapists and speech therapists. Please contact Theresa at for more information.

An Experiential Understanding of Mindfulness: The practice and the benefits.

Allow your staff to become students of yoga and mindfulness as they are introduced to mindfulness education through a workshop with a special focus on deep relaxation, mindful breathing exercises and mindfulness practice for stress reduction. This program lays the groundwork for teachers to integrate mindfulness into their personal and professional lives, enabling them to be models of mindfulness in the school classroom.

3 hours

Ready, Set; Focus: Teaching Mindful Breathing and Mindful Movements to your K-12 students.

Understand the relationship between breath, movement and attention as you learn a variety of engaging mindful movements and mindful breathing techniques and their physiological effect on the nervous system. Learn how and when to weave these winning desk and chair-based practices into your school day for improved social, emotional and academic outcomes.

5 hours

Cultivating Compassion and Kindness in the Classroom

Mindfulness exercises and meditations can improve the tone of your classroom, allowing students to behave with more compassion toward themselves, their, classmates, and toward you. You will learn specific exercises that nurture the compassion that already exists in each of your students, and how to incorporate those exercises into your school day.  Together with tried and true exercises that encourage deep listening skills, this workshop will send you back to your classroom with the ability to foster an improved classroom and school community.

3 hours

Adventures in Mindfulness: Helping Children Navigate difficult emotions through narrative, For Early Childhood and Elementary educators

In this workshop, award-winning author of the Anh’s Anger children’s book trilogy illuminates how narrative can be one of our best teaching tools for teaching children mindfulness. Working from Anh’s Anger and Steps and Stones, Gail will introduce to two mindfulness practices and provide teachers with the knowledge to use these practices to help students manage anger and frustration through mindfulness. A copy of each book is included in the program price.

3 hours

Local education agencies (LEA) (i.e., school districts, charter schools, intermediate units and area vocational technical schools) often engage the services of external consultants and organizations to provide professional development activities. Similarly, LEAs frequently send educators to outside training activities and recognize those activities for Act 48 professional development hours if they are consistent with the goals and objectives of their own professional education programs. An educator participating in noncredit continuing education offerings given by a provider that has not been approved by PDE can receive Act 48 professional development hours through his/her employing LEA only if the LEA agrees to upload the hours on the rationale that the offering is consistent with the LEA’s professional education plan as it extends to the educator.