Yoga Child Teacher Training, Teaching Yoga and Mindfulness to Children, Level II

Level II, 45 Hours, The Apprenticeship

By observing actual classes and student teaching, I was able to put what I learned into practice. Overall, it was an incredible learning experience and I feel very confident in my ability to teach!”

Kelly Miller, 2009 graduate

Objective: To obtain your field experience and receive supervision teaching yoga and mindfulness in a classroom setting. Web-based apprenticeships are available for those living out of the Philadelphia area.

Prerequisites: You must be currently enrolled or registered for the Level I Training, or have completed Level I Training in order to enroll in Level II.

What to Expect When Your Apprenticing

You’ve learned the curriculum and are equipped with a brand new supply of essential and innovative teaching skills. Now it’s time to get out there and begin teaching! The Yoga Child Apprenticeship is designed to be completed in 12 weeks and provides the exciting opportunity to for you to gain confidence in the classroom as you acquire teaching experience under the supervision of a Yoga Child mentor. The apprenticeship also enables you to complete the necessary hours to become a certified Yoga Child Teacher and a registered Yoga Alliance children’s yoga teacher.

  • If you have not received a list of available apprenticeship sites and times, please contact us. You’ll then choose your preferred location with us via email.
  • Register, by  selecting Fall or Spring dates, completing the registration form, and submitting payment via paypal.
  • Receive your apprenticeship packet via downloadable link.
  • Receive an email introducing you to your assigned mentor.
  • Review your Apprenticeship packet
  • Observe and assist your assigned mentor in action, spending one to two hours per week observing your mentor teach, and assisting your mentor in the classroom. You may be invited to teach small segments of the class during this phase. (6-12 hours)
  • Complete associated of written assignments and exercises. (6-12 hours)


Prepare and Complete
  • Four lesson plans for the classes you will teach.  (Allow an average of 1 hour for creation and submission of each lesson plan and an average of and 4-6 hours for necessary revisions of your lesson plans, including email exchanges with your mentor based upon up to two rounds of written feedback). You will receive written feedback and useful critique via email for up to four lesson plans, and a second round of written feedback and useful critique as needed for each lesson plan.
  • Four student teaching assignments (4 hours)
  • Student Teach four classes under the supervision of your mentor.
  • Four (thirty-minute) post class consultation sessions with your mentor, including review of your teaching and further refinement of lesson plans if needed.
  • A thirty-minute phone consultation with Gail Silver focused on review of your teaching, with special focus on your final class and future opportunities as a Yoga Child instructor.
Share the joy of yoga and mindfulness with children.
When and Where
  • Philadelphia area apprenticeships are offered twice a year in conjunction with school terms. They begin at the end of September and end of January and are available on a first come, first serve basis.
  • Registration opens annually on July 25th for fall dates and on November 15 for winter dates. Spots are available on a first come first serve basis. The link to register will be deactivated when all spots have been filled.
  • Prior to registering, email to confirm that we have an available placement that aligns with your schedule.
 To Register
  1. Complete and submit (via email as an attachment) the registration form YCTT Registration form Level II-Apprenticeship. Here you can select your fall or winter/spring season and your payment terms. Please note that the form states, “Submit on line through our website.” This option is not yet available and you will need to save the form and email it to
  2. Pay course fee of $965 through Paypal. To pay in installments click on the box  below which provides options to pay in two installments of $499. Balances are due prior to the start date of the apprenticeship.


Payment Options for Apprenticeship

Level II, 45 hours