Yoga Child Teacher Training; Tweens and Teens

Teaching Yoga and Mindfulness To Tweens and Teens

Become A Tween and Teen Yoga and Mindfulness Educator

  • Where: Amrita Yoga and Wellness, Philadelphia, PA
  • When: March 3rd-4th, 2018, 12-6pm
  • What You Will Learn:  This 12-24 hour, affordably crafted training is designed especially for those yoga teachers wanting to be able to package the asana, pranayama, and meditation practices they already know how to teach, into a format that is engaging, meaningful and developmentally appropriate for adolescents age 11-18. You will learn how to reach your students by teaching asana, meditation and  mindfulness in a thematic format that reaches adolescents where they are, and provides them with skills and life lessons they can take with them beyond the four corners of their mat. With this training, comes the opportunity to observe two hours of classroom teaching in a Philadelphia area school. Additional observation and teaching experience can be obtained in the Yoga Child Apprenticeship, or Level II training.

  •  Pre-requisites

    • Completion of a 200 hour adult RYT program.
    • Yoga teaching experience (preferred).
    • Enrollment in Foundations In Mindfulness and Classroom and Management for Children’s Yoga Teachers, taking place 1/20-1/21, 12-6pm. This is recommended for everyone, and required for anyone who would like to apply to teach on behalf of Yoga Child in Philadelphia area schools.

    • Discounts

      • Amrita Grads: 10% Training discounts are available to graduates of the adult RYT program offered by Amrita yoga.
      • Yoga Child Combo Discount: Register for Foundations In Mindfulness and Classroom Management for Children’s Yoga Teachers when you register for Teaching Yoga And Mindfulness to Teens and Tweens and receive $20 off.
      • Early Registration Discount: A $300 discount is available to anyone registering for  The Yoga Child Teacher Training Level I, Teaching yoga and mindfulness to children Pre-school through Grade 5 (which includes Foundations In Mindfulness and Classroom Management) together with our Tween and Teen training. To receive the discount, participants must be registered and have paid a 10% deposit and registration fee by October 20, 2017.

      • Employment 

        • Graduates are eligible for paid work with Yoga Child Inc., teaching yoga and mindfulness in schools. For those with little yoga teaching experience, or little experience working with teens and tweens, The Yoga Child Level II apprenticeship may be recommended as a next step before applying for a position with Yoga Child.  This is where you can receive field experience teaching your new skill in the classroom under the supervision of an experienced Yoga Child Mentor. We can also refer you to The School Mindfulness Project,  a Philadelphia based emerging non-profit organization which will soon be hiring  teen and tween yoga teachers for their in-school yoga and mindfulness programming.

          RCYT Eligibility and Continuing Education Credits

          • Yoga Child is a Registered Children’s Yoga School (RCYS), and our training staff are Registered Children’s Yoga Teachers (RCYT), and Experienced Registered Adult Yoga Teachers (E-RYT). This means that any trainings you take with us can be used toward receiving your status as an RCYT with the Yoga Alliance.
          • 95 hours of training specific to children’s yoga (plus your adult RYT status and 30 hours of teaching yoga to children) is required to receive your RCYT status with the Yoga Alliance. You can garner these hours from a combination of our children’s yoga teacher trainings.
          • Continuing Yoga Education credits are available for this program.


Please register through Amrita Yoga. A direct link to registration will be available shortly.

Reserve Your Space

A 10% non-refundable deposit plus a $50 registration fee can be paid to the hosting facility, studio or retreat center to reserve your space in our training programs. Please review and return the following forms to at the time of your registration:

  1. YCTT Registration Form and Waiver of Liability
  2. YC Practice Guidelines 2017

Teaching Yoga and Mindfulness to Teens and Tweens: A Yoga Child Teacher Training Program
A one weekend program with two school-time yoga observations included:
3/3/18-3/4/18: 12-6pm each day.
$475 plus a $50 registration fee.

Foundations in Classroom Management for Children’s Yoga Teachers and Teaching Yoga and mindfulness to Teens and Tweens :
A two weekend program with two hours of school time yoga observation included:
1/20/18-1/21/18: 12-6pm
3/3/18-3/4/18: 12-6pm
$930, plus $50 registration fee.

Combine Your Teen and Tween training with Yoga Child’s  Level I Teacher Training, Teaching Yoga and Mindfulness To Children, Pre-School through Grade 5:
A four weekend program with four hours of school time yoga observation included:

1/20-1/21 : 12-6pm
2/3-2/4: 12-6pm
2/10-2/11: 12-6pm
3/3-3/4: 12-6pm
$1865 plus $50 registration fee.

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